What’s the difference virgin hair, remy hair and processed hair?

If you have ever looked into hair bundles, you might have seen different hair bundles labelled “100 % human hair”, “Remy hair” and even “non-Remy hair”. But if you are a newbie in the wig world, these names may make you confused in choosing the best hair that suits your demands. We could spend all day talking about the difference between these names, we will spare your time. Here are a few things you should know to differentiate between virgin hair, Remy hair and processed hair!

What is virgin hair, remy hair and processed hair?

To distinguish the above hair types, please refer to the article below:

Virgin hair

Virgin Hair defined as hair that it never has chemical process in any way, making the hair far superior to Remy’s hair. This means that virgin hair do not take any rearrangement when collected it. Instead, virgin hair will be collecting and preparing as it comes for the eventual hair extension. It do not take treatment in any way. Which means its integrity get preservation, and it arrives for your bundles as pure as it was before when take the donate. Therefore, it refers to hair that is completely unprocessed and cuticle still intact. The virgin hair can be bleached, permed, and dyed like your own natural human hair.

Virgin hair is the best product amon all the hair bundlesit is more precious and expensive

Virgin Hair defined as hair that it never has chemical process in any way

Remy hair

Remy Hair do not consider as virgin hair. It is still 100% human hair, but it has some process. It got some treatment at some point in the life of the donor or after it collected from the donor. Maybe it was once blonde and has now been coloring to become brown. Or maybe the donor once wanted to lighten their hair’s roots. In each case, the hair still consider as Remy quality if it get properly treatment after the donation, but it can’t label as a virgin. Remy hair collected in a method in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grows to maintain the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, and silky and this eliminates tangling problems.

Remys hair is from multiple donors with slightly processed

Remys hair is from multiple donors with slightly processed

Processed Hair (Non-Virgin Hair/ Non- Remy Hair)

It is 100% human hair and it get to collect from hairbrushes and hair that it fall in salons. This kind of hair is cheaper, and the quality is not as good as quality or Remy’s hair. The cuticle for each hair strand tends to be aligned in different directions. nd the hair cuticle has been stripped off and chemically processed called an acid bath. After that, these hairs take dipped in silicone. These chemical processes will make the hair look shiny, and silky and cover up any cuticles that it do not remove from the acid bath. Eventually results in hair with very low moisture, leading to dry straw-like hair.

Processed hair non virgin hair non remy hair

Processed hair non quality hair non remy hair

* To sum up.

Virgin hair is the best product among all the hair bundles, it is more precious and expensive. Hair bundle is from one donor, and what I mean from one donor is that one person of the hair that you are giving.

Remy’s hair is from multiple donors with slightly processed.

Processed Hair (Non – Virgin Hair / Non – Remy Hair) is coming from various donors, the hair is going in a different direction, are not going in the same direction.

Virgin and Remy hair: the cuticle is still intact and all the hair is running in the same direction from root to tip. While processed hair has both the roots and the tips mixed up. Properly matting and inversion will occur.

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