How to make your own sew-in with basic tools and materials

Most women’s African hair lacks length and is difficult to style to get versatile and impressive styles. African women often encounter surprises and challenges with their natural hair.

Sometimes the best options are to simply have a short haircut and wait for the hair to grow healthy and long. However, today, African women have learned to appreciate their natural hair and have come up with different fabulous styles.

Weaving your hair may be the best alternative, weaves give your hair the chance to rest and offer it protection from severe environmental conditions. You can do it by yourself with different tools and materials. The fabulous weave will make you pay more attention to your hair thus giving you admiration and frequent friendly glances.

What is a sew-in?

Sew-in is a technique used to add hair bundles to natural hair to create fuller and longer hair. Before sew-in you need to braid cornrows on your hair then use a needle and thread to sew down hair extensions on cornrows. The process of this depends on the length of your hair, it takes three to six hours to install. So you need to be persistent because it takes a long time to achieve.

Create your own sew in

How to make your own sew-in with basic tools and materials

When you start sew-in, there are lots of tools that make you confused. You can choose the simple things that you have, some of the things that you need to buy at a local store or online. Keep things simple so that you can develop your creativity. These are the basic things you need to have when sewing in such as a Human/ synthetic hair bundle, mesh weaving cap, scissors, curved needles, thread.

Hair bundles: We would highly recommend you choose human hair bundles for sew-in due to their advantages. Besides the natural-looking that the human hair bundles will give you, there are two pluses that you should consider when purchasing hair bundles. Firstly, a human hair bundle can be durable for a long time. It can last for more than 2 years with proper hair care. Secondly, you can easily bleach and dye it with any color you like and apply heat tools for restyling.

Hair All Yours is selling hair bundles that are made from 100% virgin human hair. Our hair can be bleached, dyed, permed, and applied heat tools for restyling to whatever style you want. Check them out now

Hair All Yours human hair bundles

Hair All Yours human hair bundles

Mesh weaving cap (net cap): Besides the reason we get used to hearing that wearing a mesh weaving cap for protecting natural hair, there are some other reasons that we have to consider when wearing hair bundles. Firstly, Afro hair is very short for braiding, and when it comes to sewing the weave in the cornrow pattern, the hair cannot hold the weft well.

Over a long period of time, the cornrow will loosen due to the heaviness of the bundles, especially when we comb the hair too many times and too much, it will pull the hair down and the cornrow cannot hold the bundles anymore. Therefore you need to cover your hair with a net cap before sewing in to secure the cornrow pattern and expand the longevity of it. Another reason why we need to use the net cap is that some people have alopecia, thinning hair, or balding. These persons are not able to have a cornrow in some certain part for sewing in. Therefore they need a mesh weaving cap to anchor the weave in these parts.

Mesh weaving cap (Net cap) will protect your natural hair and hair bundles

Mesh weaving cap (Net cap) will protect your natural hair and hair bundles

Scissors, curved needle, thread: These basic tools for sewing in weaves into natural hair. You can easily find these tools in your local shop or online.

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 Basic tools for sewing in

Basic tools for sewing in

Steps by step for make your own sew-in

Here are the step by step details step by step for make your own sew-in:

Thoroughly wash and condition your hair

The first step to make your own sew-in is washing your hair often makes you more comfortable. It helps your scalp clean and healthy. It reduces itchy and flaky scalps, washing your hair makes it soft and shiny, washing your hair like washing your skin. Water can remove the visible dirt and debris, but may not remove oily deposits. Shampoo can also remove it and make your hair moisturize. Especially, when you wear a weave, it is important for you to keep your hair and scalps clean.

Shampoo for your natural hair

Shampoo for your natural hair

Thoroughly dry your hair

Before braiding, you should dry your hair thoroughly. Don’t let it wet because it takes more time to braid and when your hair dries it prevents your weave from shedding while you wear it.

Clean and dry hair can be too sleek, it gives you the perfect hair texture to work with.

Clean and dry hair can be too sleek, it gives you the perfect hair texture to work with

Cut the ends of your hair

It is beneficial for you to cut the end of your hair regularly, the ends are the part of your hair usually damaged, so trim your ends to make room for healthy new hair. Trim is proper for hair before weaving your hair, it allows your hair the opportunity to let go of the dead weight. It ensures your damages end will not be tangled when you install. Trim the ends of your hair, it removes the split and knot of the ends of your hair.

Trim your damaged hair

Trim your damaged hair

Preparing bundles before installing

Although the factory washed hair bundles before packing and selling to customers, the hair can be dirty in the storage and delivery process. Therefore, before installing, you should wash human hair bundles to keep them clean, no matter what to say, wearing dirty human hair will make you feel uncomfortable and washing bundles keep you feeling healthy.

When it comes to preparing bundles before installing them, co-washing is a popular method for the maintenance of hair. It refers to using conditioners and lukewarm water to refresh hair bundles. First, rinse bundles with lukewarm water then use a lightweight conditioner with free silicon, paraben… ingredients on your bundles. Last, you rinse it to remove all products from bundles. After that, you should dry it naturally before installing it.

Co-washing your hair bundles before installing

Co-washing your hair bundles before installing

Create the cornrows

A good foundation will make you sew in more beautiful braids that are very important in the steps of sew-in. Don’t braid all the edges, it’s fragile, if you braid your edges for a long period of time, it could leave tension and damage your hair. Create the cornrow, you should start with the side of your head, start on the right, and across the hair on the left-hand side. Make sure that is tight but not too tight.

6 common cornrow patterns for your next sew-in

6 common cornrow patterns for your next sew-in

Apply mesh weaving cap

Applying a mesh weaving cap allows you to protect the barrier between your hair and the extension weft. It lessens stress on your hair and allows your weaves to last longer. You can buy a weaving cap at a local store or online shop.

Sew in weaving

Knot the thread and make sure it’s secure, take the weft and start sewing them on braids, you need spaces between the braids because it allows you to sew in easily.

Start sewing to the weaving net, continue it starting from the back to the front.

Sew in weaves

Sew in weaves

Take care of the sew-in

Normally we wash our natural hair 2- 3 times per week. However, with sew-in weave, the washing times will take longer and it costs a lot of effort to clean your hair with a sew-in weave. Moreover, the weave will be damaged with excessive cleaning. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wash your bundle every other week.

To sew in, it takes a long time to achieve the new look with bundles, so you need to be persistent. Though you learn lots of skills and basic knowledge for hair care and bundle care. This blog will provide essential knowledge for sewing and keep it good for a long time. Hopefully, you can do it by yourself and more beautifully with the sew-ins method.

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