What are the most sought after lace frontal closures of 2022 ?

What are the most sought after lace frontal closures? Having done the work for you, we provide you with the best quality results.


Do you want lace frontal closures that are of the highest quality, but you’re tired of searching all over the internet?  Introducing Hair All Yours’ top picks! As you read on we will show you why lace front closures are popular, and will likely remain that way. Lace front closures are a wig type that is a half wig fixed from one ear to the other. To make a lace frontal closure wig, nearly three to four bundles of hair are required. The main reason for using a lace frontal closure is to recreate the hairline. 13×5 lace frontal closures are largely popular, read further to learn why!

What are lace frontal closures?

Lace frontal closures are commonly used by women who are experiencing hair loss, baldness, or want a protective style. These hair pieces excel at making your hair extensions or wig look natural. They are used to close off an install without the need to blend your natural hair to it. Often lace frontals can come with baby hairs to add to the desired natural look. The hair is sewn to the lace, knots are then created to replicate a human scalp.

A lace frontal closure can stay up to two to four weeks on your head if taken good care of. Applying to your head to remain intact, bonding glue is used.

       Straight 13×6 HD Lace Frontal Human Hair ($113)

What is a 13×6 lace frontal closure?

Lace frontal closures are commonly 13×5 inches, or 13×6 inches. Other sizes are made upon request, and customized to fit your head size. It is commonly known that 13×6 lace frontal closures are of better quality, and are more breathable.

13×6 HD Lace Frontal Bleached Knot & Baby Hair

A 13×6 lace frontal closure is commonly placed at the front of the head, the coverage area is from ear to ear. A plus to using this size for your closure is that you’ll need less bundles for the remaining part of your head. With this closure you will also have a more realistic parting space, which is perfect for people who desire less hair maintenance. Using this lace size will offer more parting options. With a 13×6 lace frontal install, you can have an entire and natural hairline.

Why Choose a 13×6 lace wig?

Lace frontal closures are known to be more flexible, you can create updo hairstyles, compared to a normal lace front. This lace size has more room to do half up half down styles. The 13 x 6 lace has an amazing amount of side parting unlike any other lace frontal units that only offer about 2 inches of parting on the sides which limits you to many styles. Air is constantly getting to the scalp and hair through the 13×6 lace frontal, which makes the hair breathe and is comfortable to wear. Overall with 6 inches of lace from the hairline to the back, this type of lace gives a more realistic hairline and is more versatile.

13×6 Frontal Lace Wig Human Hair ($153.98)

What are the most sought after lace front closures?

In 2022, having the trendiest hairstyle is a must! We’re here to help you stay on top and fabulous.  Here are our two top picks for lace frontal closures. A natural look is always a must so take a look at this Body wave 13×6 HD lace frontal closure.

Straight 13×6 HD Lace Frontal Human Hair ($106.85)

Coming directly from hairallyours.com their lace closure frontal comes bleached, plucked, and styled to blend seamlessly with your scalp. This piece is designed with free parting space and with a 6” of parting space spanning towards the middle of your head and 13” across your hairline, you will have lots of versatility when it comes to styling your hair. The 13×6 HD lace frontal will give you the most natural-looking hairline possible and will certainly help you to pull off an unlimited number of styles.

The second most popular lace front closure is the straight 13×6 HD lace frontal closure. Being a 100% virgin human hair, this closure is a must have in your collection. With Hairallyours having one of the best deals on the market for hair bundles, you’ll find everything you need to make your desired hairstyle come to life.

How long can you wear a 13×6 lace frontal closure?

The lifespan of a 13×6 lace frontal can be as much as six months or even longer. If it is properly taken care of, lace fronts can last for a long time. If the hair is not properly taken care of, it will not last long and probably cannot be worn again. Brushing the hair, using the right products, wrapping the hair, and washing the hair are all necessary.

You should brush your hair gently from the end to the top near the lace by starting at the end of your hair and working your way up. Make sure you are also holding the root to ensure less tugging of the hair. It makes a big difference to use the proper products when it comes to maintaining a lace frontal. You will experience hair tangling and damage to your hair when you use products with a high alcohol content. Our ideal product is one that is pH acidic

13×6 Lace Frontal + 3 Bundles $116

Take care of the lace frontal closure

The hair should be wrapped up before going to bed. Be sure to wrap your hair to avoid breakage of the hair. Ensure your hair is dry, brushed properly, and wrapped with a silk or satin cap/scarf before going to bed. This will help the hair last longer because it prevents tangles and breakage because it prevents tangles.

Biweekly washes of the hair every few weeks is required for proper sustainability. Before washing the hair, come through the tangles with a wide tooth comb, brush or your fingers. Be mindful to begin to comb from the bottom and slow head up towards the root. Wetting the hair entirely, shampooing the hair, then finally conditioning the hair. It is important to air dry the hair or blow dry on low.

In conclusion, the best lace frontal closures are 13×6 HD lace. They are highly demanded, being one of the greatest benefits. The HD lsce that comes with it is known to make hairlines natural and real appealing. Be sure to check out Hairallyours to join others in transforming their style with premium hair weaves. Release your confidence and check us out for a new wig today!


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